Our Kids Life Coach Training

The Kids Life Studio® has taken the lead in establishing an ethical framework for the Kids Life Coaching profession to develop by offering quality training that is affordable and easily accessible.

In 2014, we launched our online school, The Kids Life Coach Academy in response to a demand for professionals around the world, either wanting to add to their existing business or to start a business as a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach.

We didn’t want to be just another service provider in the Kids Life Coaching industry that is largely unregulated and becoming diluted by “quick fix” options that look good in theory but aren’t always realistic in practice.

4 pillars 02 - Kids Life Coach Training
4 pillars 02 - Kids Life Coach Training

It is easy to offer once off training without accountability, follow through and follow up but that isn’t what we are about.

We commit to:

  • Creating programmes that build confidence in young people based on the fundamentals of a healthy emotional intelligence.
  • Empowering and engaging parents, teachers and caregivers to reinforce and extend the benefits of our Coaching programme.
  • Creating a well qualified network of suitable individuals to deliver Kids Life Studio® programmes across the globe
  • Providing a well-researched system, which is designed to give children and their families the tools to cope with whatever life throws their way!

Interested in finding out how children can benefit from Kids Life Coaching? Then our free Special Report has all the information you need.

How does our Kids Life Studio® 5-step recruitment process work?

star sketch - Kids Life Coach Training

Step 1 – Recruitment

Before being invited to join our team, our coaches go through a screening process that consists of completing an online expression of interest form and then being interviewed via a video conferencing call to see if they are a good fit for our organisation. Although all of our team members work as independent Kids Life Coaches, we recruit members to join our global network who share our vision and are…

  • E d u c a t e d
    with a background that relates to the field and they have some previous experience with children.
  • S i n c e r e &nbsp a n d &nbsp h o n e s t
    about being a Kids Life Coach – they are in it for the true value and genuinely care about children.
  • P a s s i o n a t e
    about wanting to make a positive impact on the world. They are blue-sky thinkers and not scared to think big when it comes to improving children’s lives.
  • T e a m &nbsp p l a y e r s
    who know the value of surrounding themselves with like-minded professionals. They understand that team work makes the dream work.
  • A u t h e n t i c
    and not driven by ego and are willing to share rather than take. They contribute to our team by giving freely of their expertise because they understand the value of growing alongside each other.
  • L i f e - l o n g &nbsp l e a r n e r s
    who understand the value of self-development and personal growth as part of nurturing their own “Leadership Mindset”.
  • S e r i o u s
    about making a financial success of their lives through running a reputable business that is based on being of service as a Kids Life Coach.

Step 2 – Mentorship.

We don’t just train our coaches and send them on their way to work in isolation – we take great pride in having a global network of collective wisdom that our students can tap into on a daily basis. This means that problems are solved collectively and new perspectives are easily gained from fellow coaches who are already certified and have experience working with children.

All of our Kids Life Studio® Certified Coaches participate in 6 online live training sessions with Kids Life Studio® Founder, Zelna Lauwrens and her team of Master Coaches. During this time, she shares her two decades experience through practical and experiential learning based on what has already been proven to work.

You are also allocated contact with an Advanced Coach to support you throughout their learning and are encouraged to join our social media groups for motivation and encouragement with opportunities for questions and answers.

star sketch - Kids Life Coach Training
star sketch - Kids Life Coach Training

Step 3 – Training

Our Kids Life Coach Academy School offers a combination of self-paced and face to face training that is practical and experiential. Most importantly it is based on our own self-imposed standards to have the largest network of independently operating World-Class Kids Life Coaches globally.

With the support of our strong brand presence as a backup, we give the flexibility to choose where, when and how coaches would like to assist children using our Kids Life Studio® programmes. The benefit of our training is that whilst we give the tools, templates and proven systems to coach children, you aren’t tied down by any restrictions and you can build your coaching practice around the needs you identify in your community.

If you’re really curious, why not download our full information pack that explains everything in detail on how to become a Kids Life Studio® Coach.

With the support of our strong brand presence, we give the flexibility to choose where, when and how they would like to assist children using our Kids Life Studio® programmes. By the end of the training, they will have completed practical assignments that involve getting everything they need ready to launch their Kids Life Coaching business successfully on certification.

If you’re really curious, why not download our full information pack that explains everything in detail on how to become a Kids Life Studio® Coach.

Step 4 – Accreditation

Our coaches complete a practical case study that is based on putting our 10-step Kids Life Studio® Coaching process into action. Feedback and support is given for 6-weeks during the online live training in a group setting. Their Portfolio of Evidence is evaluated according to a set of criteria that ensures that they can confidently represent The Kids Life Studio® brand by offering quality coaching that shows measurable results.

Throughout this process, you will be supported by a team of Advanced and Master Coaches who are on hand to guide and support you.

We also take the safety of children extremely seriously. That’s why our coaches are all police checked beforehand and have to present a First Aid qualification as part of their accreditation.

star sketch - Kids Life Coach Training
star sketch - Kids Life Coach Training

Step 5 – Professional Development

We’re constantly encouraging our coaches to excel and to specialise in their personal area of interest, as this means they will be seen as the expert and the “go-to” person when a parent needs their support.

We also support them by offering professional development trainings hosted by our founder Zelna Lauwrens and covers a different theme each month. Our ever-popular localised Mastermind groups also support personal and business growth and allow the opportunity for networking.

We are proud of our highly passionate community of Kids Life Studio® coaches who are driven with huge aspirations to change the world, one child at a time. Which is why we have ongoing in-house professional development training that shares our insider secrets that have helped us to perfect the art of coaching children.

Do you want to join our global network of Kids Life Studio® Coaches? Then click here to complete your application.

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