Sharing success from real families

There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from a family that have had a fantastic experience with one of our coaches. We believe that sharing is caring, so wanted to show you some of the Kids Life Studio® success stories.

  • Thank you so much for the positive feedback – our son certainly does make us smile at home. Very proud of the young man he has become and also like the fact that he is compassionate to others. He can be impulsive but I let them be who they are and I’m so happy he is adventurous and ready to jump into new experiences – this will serve him well in the future as he will be ready to face whatever comes his way.

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    Cherylynn Mom of son age 8 who wanted to put the preventative skills in place before negative behaviour manifested
  • This day was a dream come true for me. If I look back to the day the school sent me the letter of expulsion to where he is today. I can never thank you enough for stepping in and turning things around for us.

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    Brenda Mom of son age 10, who was previously displaying difficult behaviour at school especially anger
  • I need to tell you that last night my daughter went into the bathroom to use one of the bubble blowing tools you use to get rid of ANTS & BUGS. She did this on her own when her brother made her so cross but usually she would scream and shout. Once she had calmed down, she explained to her brother how his actions made her feel. It was awesome to see! She tends to close up like a clam when somebody hurts her and never wanted to speak about it. So this was major for her to share her feelings with her brother.

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    Susan Mother of daughter age 11 suffering with social issues, anxiety and School performance
  • My time spent with my coach, has gone a long way into shaping who I am. There is little doubt in my mind that if in the span of a few weeks a person can utterly change another’s outlook on the world and teach him or her to see the silver lining which is so often lost amongst the clouds, then that person is a true marvel whose unwavering trust and belief in the inherent goodness of humanity is akin to a lighthouse.

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    Michael 13 year old gifted student struggling to fit in
  • I had resigned myself to accepting that my child was ‘meant to be shy’, afraid & lacking in confidence and enthusiasm. I felt I had nothing to lose in enrolling her for this course, but secretly also didn’t expect much. I am pleasantly surprised! My child has turned out to be a brave, confident & sure young lady in just 4 sessions. This course has been truly rewarding & helped my child to get on course toward being the best she can possibly be!

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    Nishi Mother of 7-year Old girl who was struggled to make friends
  • This programme has taught me to cope with bad stress and good stress at school and at home. I now know that people can’t get into my inside world unless I let them. I feel that if they try to hurt my feelings it is their problem now.

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    Courtney 10 year old client who was a victim of bullying
  • I sent my 8 year old daughter for coaching without much hope of her being able to achieve any changes in her behavior. After only 4 sessions it was a delight to note that for the first time ever she started accepting responsibility, previously she always tried and blame somebody else for her poor behavior, more often than not it was her big sister’s fault. There were also more subtle changes with her being less self centred and more aware that she had to fit in as part of a family, which meant give and take, not just taking all the time. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this programme for anyone who has a “difficult child”.

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    Monique Mother of 10-year old daughter labelled with Oppositional Defiance Disorder
  • The programme encourages our children to look within themselves and to judge themselves on what they feel and what makes them truly happy. We all need to attend coaching once in a while to regain our perspective on who we really are and what makes us happy.

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    Cherine Mother of 10-year-old brother and 7-year old sister who previously struggled with Sibling Rivalry
  • Our sons coach started working with him after we were forced to take him out of primary school because he could not cope with the demands of the school environment. Although he is a very bright boy, he has ASD and experienced sensory overload and feelings of acute anxiety at school. He responded by lashing out against teachers and classmates, being deliberately disruptive or simply running out of the classroom. When the situation became unsustainable, his coach began to work with him at home on a 1 to 1 basis. Over a number of weeks and months she worked with him to rebuild his confidence through carefully planned activities, giving him the tools to help manage his anxiety and moderate his behaviour. Our son is now very happy at his new school, has made lots of new friends and is coming on leaps and bounds with his learning. Although he will probably never be the type of child who loves school, he is much more accepting of the need to learn and he goes in happily every day. Whilst he still has his moments, he is almost unrecognisable from the little boy who struggled so much and was so unhappy at his first school.

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    James & Georgia Parents of 5 year old boy labelled with Autism
  • Dear Monique, you have conducted yourself very professionally and have handled each and every session making an impression on my son and myself. He absolutely loves you, he is comfortable talking to you and he was excited after each session to start his given tasks and to apply what he has learned. He LOVES the mind holiday and it has certainly improved his night’s sleep, he now struggles to sleep without it. I can already see a huge difference in the way my son communicates, improvements and changes for the better. I believe God sent you into my life with a purpose. You have certainly received an amazing gift not just to work with children but also with people. You have a very calming nature and people are naturally drawn to your wonderful aura and presence. We are so great full for the opportunity we have been given to start this journey with you. We are looking forward to the next phases ahead and believe that he will improve from strength to strength.   Coach - Monique Engelbrecht from Play Well Live Well Kids Life Studio®, Centurion, South Africa

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    Mom of 12 year old boy Parents of child struggling with anger and communication
  • Monique Engelbrecht, thank you for everything that you have done for my daughter. The improvement in her emotional intelligence is amazing. She is able to choose her emotions in order to guard her 'heart'. She plays much better in groups and speaks to people with respect. Her awareness regarding emotions helped her to understand herself and other people better. In her own words, you gave her back her life. I would recommend this programme to anyone.   Monique Engelbrecht - Play Well Live Well Kids Life Studio®, Centurion, South Africa

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    Mom of 6 year old Child struggled with emotional intelligence and interacting in groups
  • I just want to say thank you for all of your time, all of the tools, and everything! I am still going to add more things on to my dream board, use all my tools, and achieve my goals.

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    12 year old coachee 12 year old boy struggling with anger and communication
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    Marcela Encinas Mother of child struggling with confidence and controlling her thoughts
  • Sarah has been providing our son Julian with coaching to complete her qualification as Certified Coach in the Zeal for Life Coaching program. Our experience with her has been remarkable because of Sarah’s professionalism, candor and because we’ve seen and impressive progress in Julian thanks to her.Overall dealing with Sarah has been a pleasure. It was easy to organize the sessions with her, as she was flexible and responsive. We thank her for being patient with us in the cases where we were not the most responsive. She was always respectful to us and to Julian: always punctual, well prepared for the sessions and making the best use of time.Sarah is well seasoned in managing both kids and parents. She knew how to approach Julian and how to break the ice to win his trust. Especially as he’s relatively introverted and at times self-absorbed in his own world. She also managed the communication between us well: I felt like she gave relevant feedback in a candid and mature way. I liked how she not only focused on Julian’s areas of development but also on his strengths. She gave tips not only to Julian but to us -as parents -on how to better engage as a family.Sarah is tremendously committed and determined to give a great experience to the kids. I felt like she truly cares about them. She is passionate about making those kids better and happier persons. I would definitely recommend to anyone and I am looking forward to continuing a relationship with her.Lastly, I want to congratulate you for this program: thus far this is the best that I’ve seen in education. More than focusing on hard skills or competencies this is about making kids’ live better, more meaningful and fulfilled in the long term; which actually matters more than anything else. You are making a big positive difference in the world. I wish there were similar programs for adults! Thanks for letting us have this great opportunity. Best regards, Luis & Laura

    Luis & Laura Parents of 8 year old struggling with confidence, anxiety and sleep patterns
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