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Hi, as the founder of The Kids Life Studio® and the Kids Life Coach Academy, leading a global team of Kids Life Coaches, there is still no greater pleasure than when I am coaching children! With over 20 years experience working with children as a teacher, a counsellor and Kids Life Coach, I enjoy seeing children flourish and grow when they are equipped with the right tools.

I now spend most of my time training adults to do the work I do but I reserve special time just for kids! For this reason, I am available for group workshops in schools or corporate organisations based on my books, Zeal the Zebra shows his True Colours and The Zeal Challenge Journal. I take on a limited number of only 12 children per annum for individual coaching and run quarterly group coaching programmes in my local area. I do all of this on the grounds work because it fills my cup and it is a great honour to be an ambassador for a child as they learn and grow.

I have a large range of experience but my true passion is in leadership because I believe that every child is born a leader and it is our responsibility as adults to nurture that. Success is a mindset that can be obtained at a very young age and my coaching programme helps children to overcome any challenges they may be fac-ing so that they can see them as growth opportunities rather than obstacles.

I look forward to coaching your child and walking the journey alongside them as they step into their own personal power and live the life of their dreams.

My Special Interests: Labelling of children and leadership development

My Training: Founder of The Kids Life Studio® and Kids Life Coach Academy, Bachelor of Education Degree, Honours Degree in Psychology of Education

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