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Hi, my name is Therese Ndjeh.

Working with children is my passion and a calling because as a High school educator with 21 years’ experience, I have been blessed with the special role of working with tweens and teens. The joy on their faces, the hugs they give, just sitting with me at break and sharing their joy or sadness, calling at night just to say they are scared or a cake from a parent to say “thank you for being there for my child”…are all indescribable moments and memories that I cherish.

I have been happily married for 21 years and blessed with four daughters. At school, everyone calls me “maman”, French for mum. At Mananga College, for three years in a row, I was honoured with the prestigious and most coveted “Mother of the Year” award which is voted by students and hand-ed on Mananga Day in front of parents, dignitaries, staff and students.

I am passionate about counselling young people to make the right choice at all times. In staff meet-ings and during parent consultations, I am vocal and quick to defend the child because I believe most adults use their power of seniority to look down on what a young person is capable of. The latter is a group that is misunderstood because when they do well, few people notice but everyone is quick to jump on them when things go wrong. This leads to anger and frustration on their part be-cause they cannot understand why we are not acknowledging the special talent that they are exhibit-ing. The reason is that we project our lives on them and allow our subjectivity to gain the upper hand.

I believe all young people are good at heart and will reward us tenfold if we can just trust and direct them. My experience as homeroom teacher and grade tutor for many years has given me the privi-lege to give motivational talks, inspirational messages and guidance sessions to learners during les-sons, at Assembly and even on holidays.
As a professional sub-Examiner for the Independent Examinations Board in South Africa and a qualified Assessor with SETA, South Africa, I share quality and practical exam tips, exam strate-gies and techniques which have helped many learners improve their grades by at least 3 levels.

I am equally a certified Events Organiser and I use this gift to plan and take my learners on educa-tional tours or school fun days where we play and have tons of safe fun while learning experiential-ly.

My Special Interests: Educational Support, Study Assistance

My Training: Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, Masters in Education Management majoring in Counselling and Intervention strategies, Qualified Crossroads Trainer, Post Graduate Diploma in Linguistics, certified Events Planner, sub-Examiner for the Independent Examinations Board in South Africa and a qualified Assessor with SETA.

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