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Hi, my name is Tasneem

I’ve always loved being with children and had a connection to them.  I have wanted to support them positively and help them be more emotionally intelligent as I’ve noticed it a challenge for most young kids. When I had children of my own I became aware as to how important it is for kids to have an adult who will support, love, and accept them unconditionally while teaching them to be aware of their emotions and unique strengths.

Being a Kids Life Coach, means I can provide children with the support, care, and skills needed for them to grow up to be well balanced emotionally healthy human beings.

Kids are all born with an innate sense of leadership and self-esteem but due to negative programming and unhealthy lifestyles, that default sense wears out and kids go through childhood and adolescence doubting themselves, unaware of their strengths and capabilities. By coaching kids, I have the opportunity to make a positive difference to them so that their childhood is a stepping stone to a healthy life.

My Special Interests: Self Esteem

My Training: Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner

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