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Hi, I’m Sharlin Craig and I live in Orange County, California.

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 16 years and we have a beautiful 12 year-old daughter. I’m passionate about Kids Life Coaching because I see incredible potential in all children. I’m inspired to support them in discovering their unique strengths and being all that they can be.
I’ve enjoyed teaching music to children for over 20 years. One of my favorite parts of teaching these kids, has been helping them grow in their self-esteem and confidence. When I discovered the Kids Life Studio coaching program, I was excited to be able to help children grow in their life skills even more. Children are such quick learners and they’re so adaptable, that the benefits seen with coaching can be fast and life changing! Kids can use these skills as stepping-stones to lead them to fulfill their dreams and goals for the rest of their lives!
Having come from a home where my parents divorced when I was 6 years old, I have empathy for children going through similar situations. I also understand and empathize with kids when they face peer pressure, bullying, and other challenging situations. I experienced all of these things as a kid and know first hand how hard this can be on self-esteem and confidence.
No matter what kids face in life, whether they come from a broken or stressful home, have academic challenges, face bullying, have low self-esteem or confidence, or just need additional guidance in their lives, I want to be there to support them through coaching so they become stronger, more resilient, more confident and more motivated. I want to help them understand their inner worlds and not be so affected by the outside world. I’m inspired to teach them how to become more emotionally intelligent and have greater perspective of others’ feelings. And I want to lead them down the path of making wise choices for themselves so they can be the leaders of their own lives.
Kids are meant to be happy and joyful. My purpose is to help each child be healthy in body and mind so they can relax and be their happy selves. My dream is that each child will always see their inner beauty that they were born with and believe in themselves despite the outside world that may try to change them.
I look forward to helping your child thrive in his or her life, no matter what their circumstances are. I believe in the goodness and beauty in each child and that with the right support, they can do anything!

My Special Interests:

Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence
Build Resilience
Build Emotional Intelligence
Divorced Families/Single Parenting

My Training:

Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
Bachelors Degree in Marketing
20 years teaching Voice, Piano and Flute to children
Children’s Book Author

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