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Hello! I am Shannon Lund from Elkhorn Manitoba, Canada.

I was born and raised on a small farm where I learned hard work and appreciation for the beautiful land we have. Farming takes a lot of resilience, grit and creative work to keep things going smoothly, and I know between farming and my amazing parents who gave me the strength I have today, I keep going no matter what.

I have 3 amazing children who I have raised to be strong, independent and authentic. I do feel that having a Kids Life Coach for my two girls when they were younger would have helped to create more inner motivation and inspiration for their inner worlds. I know they would have learned to deal with the stress of everyday life, school and friendship drama with more tools and skills, creating a smoother journey. Especially those tweens, teens and in-between years when they know more than their parents do! My son is ahead of the game as I have started him off with a better foundation that I have learned with not only age and wisdom, but the knowledge I have gained from Kids Life Coaching.

I had been working as a Special Needs Educational Assistant for over 6 years in grades k-6. This included working with children from many backgrounds, educational needs and behavioral issues. During the last two years of my work in the schools I brought in Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. I seen amazing growth and knew that there was more that I could do to create change. Through the last 11 years I have been on a journey of self love and self discovery. This led me to see the importance of teaching children how to create awareness within their inner worlds through balancing their mind, body and spirit. The best way that I have taught this is by being a role model and gently guiding the children. I encourage children to set and achieve goals and have a positive energy and enthusiasm for life. My passion for changing a child’s life for the better is the reason I am here and chose to become a Kids Life Coach. It only takes one person to change a life. I will help children choose 2 change their lives no matter their circumstances so that their unique gifts and brightness will be a guiding light for others that cross their paths.

My Special Interests:

• Chakra Balancing for Kids
• Reiki for Kids
• Kids Yoga and Tai Chi
• Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids
• EFT/TFT Tapping for Kids
• Pediatric Cranial Sacral Therapy

My Training:

• Special Needs Educational Assistant
• Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

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