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Hello, I am Saritha Thulasidas, mother of a 9 year old girl, a practicing architect and a spiritual seeker.

I choose to be a kids life coach with an intention to contribute to the next generation all the learn-ings I have had through the challenges of my own life. At the perceived dead end of life, I discovered a new me. The “me” which was not revealed until I chose to accept that I am indeed strong, brave, intelligent and wise.

If just one change in my perception towards myself can reveal the treasures hidden deep within me, imagine how much more one can we discover within ourselves with expanding the perceptions?

The moment I learnt the secret of self-discovery, I wanted to share. So this is the beginning of my journey to share.

I believe that each person is a hidden treasure of Pandora box. And kids are Magical Pandora boxes. And I want to help them discover and open their own Inner Pandora boxes and thrive in life to its fullest. Each one of them are self leaders, the problem is they don’t know that yet. Or they have been misguided to think otherwise. I intend to be the person to remove that blind fold of ignorance of children and let them explore their infinite selves through the tools of kids life coaching.

My passion to work with kids overtakes any other desire or ambition of mine. It is a deep inner calling that has been dormant all these years. And now it has emerged to the surface when I am READY!

I deeply believe that I am equipped with the knowledge, experience, awareness and passion to be a world-class kids life coach.

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My Special Interests:

  • Building self-confidence and Social belonging
  • Goal setting – Cultivating healthy and consistent habits
  • Resilience building

My Training: Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Facilitator for Heartfulness Meditation Institute, Brighter Minds Facilitator

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