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Please note :- I am currently on sabbatical until 2021.

Hi, my name is Sarah Strouthopoulos, founder of the Confident Kids Life Studio.  I am passionate about helping children overcome challenges and live the life of their dreams.

I knew in the 4th grade I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. This singular purpose of helping children is my life’s greatest constant. I’ve spent over two decades working with diverse children in a variety of settings. Now I’m excited to have found the ultimate method for helping children as a Kids Life Coach. As a teacher I have connected with kindergardners in rural Colorado, middle schoolers on a Japanese island, fourth graders at an elite international school in Luxembourg, and teens backpacking through the Rocky Mountains with Outward Bound. Over the years, I have helped non-readers learn to read, children with attention disorders focus in class, gifted children face their emotional challenges, and my own child eliminate his fear of the dark. Understanding the child’s background and past experiences, I meet children where they are at and help them grow.

Through these experiences I’ve uncovered a profound truth- the most universal and lasting learning is not a child’s academic growth, it’s their emotional growth. I have seen the struggles that children face in school such as rising academic pressure, anxiety, social pressures, bullying, and fear, and as a teacher I was powerless in really helping them tackle these issues head on. As a kids life coach I can provide the help and support that children really need to achieve and learn without limits.

Connecting with, and enriching the lives of children is not just a job for me. It’s what I am born to do. I’ve joyfully studied and applied a library’s worth of books from best minds in child psychology, positive mindset, children’s mental and emotional health, parenting, and more. My nightstand is always stacked with these books and I cannot devour them fast enough.

I believe ALL children:
• Have good intentions but practice “bad” or inappropriate behaviors because they don’t have the tools and strategies they need yet.
• Possess unique talents. They just need help recognizing, owning, and sharing these gifts with the world in a healthy and sustainable way.
• Can become emotionally intelligent, learn to control their inner worlds, and acquire the grit and resilience to overcome life’s challenges.

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My Special Interests:

• confidence
• resilience
• anxiety
• anger
• positive mindset
• social and emotional skills
• attention disorders
• body image

My Training:

• Certified Kids Life Studio© Coach
• 22 years of experience spanning public, private, international and outdoor education
• Masters Degree in Education from Lesley College with an additional 65 credits

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