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Hi, I am Ruwaida Dakkak from Amman, Jordan.

I am a mother of three curious, determined and compassionate heroes. I am also the middle child and only daughter of the best parents anyone could dream of, who have done their very best in all they know throughout the years.

I grew up being a perfectionist, not knowing along the way, that this would prove to be a block in me achieving success. Even when I had been successful, I was never happy nor satisfied.

I received my Bachelor degree in Jordan, then moved to the UK for my masters degree. Returning home, I was disappointed to find myself unemployed for a whole year for being “over-qualified”. During that year, I heard of a workshop for youth and entrepreneurs and joined to escape boredom. In this workshop we were taken on a guided meditation to find our purpose in life. I saw myself in a field, sitting on the grass, surrounded by happy kids. I didn’t believe it at that time, and worked in the IT sector and tourism market for 2 years. To me this was a job, not a career choice. When I got married and moved to Saudi Arabia, my only option for work as a woman at that time, was to be a teacher. I forced myself to enter my first class, and then never wanted to leave that room. From that moment on, I knew my passion lay in working with children.

Along the 12 years of working with children, their parents and this evolving world of technology, a lot of parents always commented that I made a good positive impact on their children’s life, especially in the non-academic areas. I noticed the need for life skills, which schools do not offer, and which parents lack due to the current fast track life and the environments they were raised in. This led me to become a certified life coach helping mothers to gain more self awareness and raise more “skills-equipped” kids. The journey of life coaching helped me deal with my self-limiting beliefs, my perfectionism, and become the person I want to be. Shortly thereafter I discovered I could make a direct impact on children by becoming a World Class Kids Life Coach, and this is how my fantastic journey with Kids Life Studio started.

My coaching studio is called Pegasus Kids Life Studio®, the naming of which came from my childhood, where I always visualised myself as a Pegasus: a horse is strong, and with wings it means it has no limits. Here I am today, a kids life coach helping children to find their strength, set goals and reach for the skies.

They say: “It takes a village to raise a child”, and for this, at the heart of what I do as a kids life coach, is guiding children to be resilient and stand out to live their best life.

My Special Interests:

• Self-Esteem
• Confidence
• Building Resilience

My Training:

• Certified Kids Life Studio Coach ®
• Certified Life Coach specialised for young women and mothers
• MSc Information Technology for Management (Coventry University UK)
• BA French Language & Literature ( University of Jordan, Jordan)
• Self- Awareness Courses
• Little Debono Certified Teacher
• IB PYP Certified Teacher
• 10+ years teaching experience


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