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I am Rekha, from Hyderabad, Telangana, India, a young nation rich in culture with ancient heritage, art, architecture and literature.
I’ve been married to my engineering friend for 13yrs now and we are blessed with a daughter and a son. I am a person with self-integrity, responsible, dedicated to my role. I believe in supreme power and if we strive hard to reach a goal, universe will become one to help us achieve it

I am the founder of Bots n Bouts Kids Life Studio (S.T.E.A.M centre). I studied Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering from George Mason University, VA, USA and got my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India. I, primarily worked as Design Engineer and Business Consultant for Major Firms in USA and India, predominantly in USA.

From my childhood to now, I always have exam fear and never knew how to cope with all that stress and wasn’t interested in reading any exam-oriented textbooks.. I loved reading books to gain knowledge but not for exams (wink). I always wondered why the education system couldn’t be kid-friendly. My parents always said, “Education is to fetch a better job”. But, over the years I realized education is an important dice in a person’s life as mentioned in the below famous Sanskrit Sloka,
” Vidhya Dadati Vinyam, Vinayat Yati Patratam, Patratabad vardanamonati, Danamvardam Tatah Sukam !”
(Meaning: Education gives humbleness, humbleness gives nobility, nobility gives money and
money gives righteousness, righteousness gives peace)

Once I excelled in my work and gained good experience in corporate jobs, I felt I should share all this knowledge. I always believed that “Nothing is more valuable than sharing knowledge”. I started teaching my kids how to prepare for exams and how to read a textbook. As I was training them, I realized children’s minds are likes sponges, they absorb anything you throw at it. For me, it’s proved that coaching should happen at younger age in order to create habits to carry for life. If we want to bring a change, we should be part of change and I have taken a step to make world a better place.

So, after moving back to India, I started pursuing my dream that I was passionate about. Imbibing 21st century skills into a child’s early life by bridging Life skills and technology in a playful manner. And, that’s when I found Kids Life Studio.

My approach to coaching kids follows the best way a child can communicate i.e PLAY. At Bots n Bouts, I coach life skills interlinked with robotics and challenge kids to Play, Learn and Evolve into leaders of their life. I am a certified Kids life coach and also a certified Robotics Instructor.

I am recognized for my coaching and instruction style using hands-on, empirical learning methods in a playful learning space

My Special Interests:

Life Skills

My Training:

Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach

Certified Robotics Instructor
Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering


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