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Hi, I am Paula Brañez.
I was born in Germany, raised in La Paz Bolivia and now live in the United States. I am married to the love of my life and I have two beautiful blessings, aged 5 and 2.
I am a twin, and because of this, I have this wonderful and strong connection with my sister, but I was always labelled as the weak, the shy and sensitive one. So, I felt like she was my shield and she was always there to protect me. I didn’t know who I was without her, I couldn’t find my voice and never learned how to be alone.
When I moved to the USA I discovered the person that was hiding behind the “shy” and “weak” twin. I became a teacher and being around children I flourished, I was able to see myself in so many of them; I saw successful kids in school but at the same time struggling with acceptance of themselves, not feeling that they belong, having a hard time loving themselves and not really knowing themselves. The difference was that this time I was there for them as support.
With my background of experience as a teacher I have realized that there is a huge gap in education and I always wanted to do more. I haven’t seen a balance between academic and emotional growth.
I have always wished that there was a curriculum that teaches happiness. So that’s how I became a Kids life Coach. Being part of the Kids Life Studio® Coaching program helped me find myself, find my voice and made me pursue my dreams.
As a Kids life Coach I want to close that gap by holding hands with children and taking them on a self-discovery journey. This is so that they can be successful by knowing and loving themselves. I want to inspire children to look for what makes them happy and strive to fulfill their dreams.
My vision is to see more leaders and not followers, kids that are confident enough to make wise decisions, kids that become adults who live a motivated, inspired and happy life. My purpose is to give children all around the world light, hope and future.

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My Special Interests: Low self-esteem and confidence, resilience, mindfulness.

My Training:Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

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