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From the power at work within us, we are able to do far more things than we can ever imagine. We have the strength and ability to build endless possibilities. This is my philosophy and mantra in life.
Raised as an only child by a single mother, I had a good supportive childhood but still endured hardships as a result of the family dynamic I grew up in. This is what fuelled my motivation to empower children to excel in life, regardless of circumstances and experiences. Having personally experienced the effects of divorce and blended households, I walked around with scars and baggage that I now know could have been healed earlier in life. The smile on my face was not convincing enough, not for me. As I pursued my studies in Psychology, my passion for children grew stronger and stronger. I knew I had to reach out and change the lives of children so that the smile on their face remained true and was not a façade to hide the feelings inside.
Childhood lays the foundation for our lives and when I was introduced to The Kids Life Studio®, I saw how their methodologies enabled children to do more than they imagined, regardless of their own personal circumstances. Life happens and children don’t always understand this. We are living in a modern day rush where parents and caregivers work 24/7 to provide and be the best they can be for their children. Would it not be reassuring to know that your child has a kid’s life coach who is fully invested in their mental well-being, who can give them the tools to empower themselves, and to have them know now, what we as adults, wish we knew back then?
I coach children how to balance their lives; to know how to play well and embrace the pleasures of childhood, and how to live well by learning how to deal with life’s confusion and challenges. Through fun, learning, exploration and play in a safe and free environment, children learn to be optimistic as I focus on the solution and discard all labels given to them, including the label of ‘problem’. I invest in each aspect of every child through tailor-made coaching, and ongoing support and respect.
It is my mission to empower children with their own strengths and potential to be sound leaders of their own lives.

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My Special Interests: Family dynamics which include single-parent and blended households, divorce, family health and routine.

My Training:

Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
BA Psychology Honours Cum Laude
Trauma training at Applied Counselling and Development Institute of South Africa

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