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Hi, I am May Atif a curious and loving mother of three wonderful children.
I am from Sudan, the heart of Africa, and currently living in Qatar.

I believe in humanity and learning. I am always curious to learn more, especially about different human behaviours and our never ending ability to acquire information. I am fascinated with brain power and its limitless power to transform circumstances once it gains awareness!

I started my career as a school teacher, which satisfied my deep passion to connect with pure souls 😊 then moved to multi-cultural corporations and NGOs like CARE and the United Nations (UNFPA). Here again I was able to connect to my purpose, getting exposed to development planning and how poor communities could be empowered through sustainable development. I then shifted to the corporate world, in the oil and gas industry, with a focus on Human Resources. Connecting to people has always been my drive! I climbed up the HR ladder where my genuine eagerness to support our employees led me to the Life Coaching field. I got certified by Empower World and accredited by the (ICF) International Coach Federation as Associate Life Coach. I started a program which focuses on improving “Self-Awareness” and the role this can play on our consciousness, growth and development as humans and professionals. During weekends, I support social and professional groups, empowering women and students.

The more I coached, the more I realised that most of the challenges we face as adults, start back in child hood. With this clear realisation, I felt the urge to reach out and support the kids as well. Luckily, I came across Zelna and her Kids Life Studio and Kids Life Coaching Academy, where all my questions where answered!

Our mental health as adults relies a lot on our upbringing and our childhood challenges! If we can teach and support our kids to realize their brain power, and how to build their confidence, resilience and leadership skills; they will be equipped to self-regulate their behavior and always make positive choices. We would then simply be creating brighter, better mental health for the next generation!

I have BIG love & empathy to almost every human in this planet😊.

My Special Interests:

• Positive Parenting
• Emotional Intelligence
• Building Resilience
• Self Confidence
• Neuroscience

My Training:

• Certified Kids Life Studio Coach ®
• ICF Certified Life Coach: Associate Certified Coach

Additional training and workshops attended:-

• Learning Agility
• Facilitation Certification
• Peace Building and Conflict Mitigation
• Korn Ferry Leadership Architect- Global Competency Framework
• Gender Equality
• Diversity & Inclusion
• Managing unconscious Bias
• Sexual Exploitation & Abuse
• Stress Management

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