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My name is Mai Elbadawy. I’m from Alexandria, Egypt. I’m married and I have two boys. I studied Business Administration and majored in Marketing. Unfortunately, after graduation, I couldn’t find any marketing jobs, so I tried several other jobs like banking, advertising, human resources, sales and teaching. I never really enjoyed any of these jobs or felt fulfilled in any of them, except teach-ing. The feeling of teaching little children was just amazing and I always felt like I’m making mira-cles everyday by changing these kids and seeing the huge difference between the beginning and end of the year. I had such a great bond with the kids I was teaching and it felt amazing knowing that I was making a difference in their lives one way or another. After that I had to help in my family business, which is in agriculture. I love it and it is so inspiring in so many ways, but I still wanted to follow my passion.

So I got my diploma in Child Psychology and a certificate in Positive Discipline. But I wanted to know more and get more involved with kids and help kids everywhere. So that’s when I found the Kids Life Studio. I joined them and it was the best decision I have ever taken, because they are a huge support system where we all have one goal, which is to help kids worldwide and to make a difference in these kids’ lives. My vision is to help as much kids as possible to be better and more positive in order to be the leaders of their own lives, and make good decisions in all aspects of their lives, and to boost their self-confidence so they could follow their dreams and fulfill them.

We see problems everywhere in the world that children suffer from, like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, abuse, and a lot more. This happens because of so many reasons, like divorce, stressed parents, parents suffering from depression, transferring schools, immigration, and a lot more rea-sons. So we as life coaches, we’re there for these kids to give them a hand and support them so they don’t become victims of what happens around them in society.

“I help kids with behavior problems. Kids with anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, stress, aggres-sion and all problems that can be affecting the child’s personality, education and social life. And Children who are facing problems in life due things that are out of their hands.”

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My Special Interests: Behaviour problems. anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, stress, aggression.

My Training: Kids Life Studio® Student Coach, Bachelor degree in business major marketing, 2 years experience in teaching children, Certificate in positive discipline, Diploma in child psychology from Stonebridge university, ITTC program certification (teacher training program)

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