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Hi, I am Lisa Harrietha-Benson.
I am married and I have one son. I have spent several years in the Early Childhood Education field teaching in classrooms of children aged one to five and in inclusive summer camps providing support to individuals with special needs.
I have personally struggled with anxiety. About two years ago I was introduced to mindfulness practice and it changed my life.
As I continued to grow stronger I knew that I had to share these tools with others especially children. I knew if I had some of the tools to relax when I was younger I would have been able to succeed in overcoming some of those fears that held me back.
I also knew mental health in children was on the rise and wanted to shift my focus from working in the classroom in a teaching capacity to working with children in a role that would help empower children to live a healthy life in mind, body and spirit and to overcome any fears to become the best version of themselves.
Initially I took courses in mindful education and later I discovered the Kid’s Life Coach Academy and the introductory trainings to Kid’s Life Coaching. The ideas presented immediately resonated with me. The values of play, building relationships and enabling labels spoke to my heart.
I work with children to help them grow in confidence, overcome anxieties and be able to achieve all that their heart desires. I accept all children I coach for who they are by acknowledging their strengths, talents and abilities despite any labels they have been given or experiences of their past.
I always encourage children to remember “what they believe they can achieve”. I look forward to meeting your child and becoming a source of support, inspiration and positive change in their lives so that they can live and love the life they live!

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My Special Interests: Anxiety, labelling of children, positive behaviour guidance, mindfulness, inclusive education, positive growth and resilience, social emotional learning

My Training:

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Child and Youth Study
Master of Arts in Child and Youth Study
Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

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