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My name is Lina Ali, born and raised in Syria. I studied Civil Engineering and earned a post-graduate Diploma in Traffic Engineering. I have worked for many years in the field of traffic engineering, but, unfortunately, I was searching for something different. I was looking for a career which reflected my passion for seeing a healthier and happier new generation – a generation able to face the challenges of the modern world, rise above all subsequent circumstances, shine with their true colours, and achieve their full potential. THAT was me!

When I got married, I had to open a new chapter away from my sweet homeland. I moved to Dubai, a city with high standards and a diverse population. Being a part of such a rich cultural mosaic was a source of stress and considerable anxiety for me. I had to accept, welcome the changes and integrate into this cultural diversity.

My actual journey in Life Coaching for Children started when I realized that my three Syrian kids were “Cross-Cultural Children” in a cosmopolitan place with different toxic influences.
I started to raise the following question: how can I help Dubai’s cross-cultural children, including my own children, to accept, embrace and integrate into the socio-cultural environment?

The answer was as follows:
Firstly, to be a role model for these children and improve my emotional and social skills from a cultural perspective so I can play the game of life from a state of peace and excitement instead of fear and anxiety – and that is where I developed the concept of “Cross Cultural Emotional Intelligence”. Secondly, was by speaking the children’s language and choosing the right tools to help them to be happy, balanced, and leaders of their own lives.

This is how I came across “Kids Life Coaching ” where I could connect with my inner child to see through children’ eyes and coach them through heart and mind.

I believe that all children deserve a cheerleader, a person who believes in their potential, a rock to lean on when life knocks them down, without attaching labels or stigmas, a mentor who can teach them skills for life, a role model to look up to and to get unconditional support from in the absence of parents due to work circumstances or family dynamic in a modern world.

“Play is the work of the child” said Maria Montessori. I coach kids through play and fun in a safe and free environment. I coach children how to overcome their limiting beliefs by building a positive mindset, how to rise above daily life challenges and toxic influences by implementing solving problem skills and improving their emotional and social intelligence, how to discover their true colours and make their strengths shine, how to stand against bullying and peer pressure, and how to set goals for a fulfilled and healthy life.
Simply, I show them how to become the best versions of their true selves.

My Special Interests:

• Implement positive mindset skills.
• Implement Cross Cultural Emotional Intelligence skills.
• Dealing with anxiety and stress related to life changes.
• Self esteem and self awareness to live a goal oriented life.

My Training:

• Certified Kids Life Studio coach.
• Certified ITC child coach.
• Emotional Intelligence trained.
• Diploma in Traffic engineering.
• Bachelor degree in civil engineering.

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