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Hi there, my name is Ellie. As a Kids Life Coach, my focus is to help children let go of their limiting beliefs so that they are free to explore their inner power and become leaders in their own lives – Because when we change our mindset, we allow the impossible to become possible.

Studies have proven that a child’s first years of life mark the most rapid periods of growth and development for the human brain, which is why it is no coincidence that the importance of early childhood education is becoming more apparent.

For twelve years, I had the opportunity to teach and mentor many children of different backgrounds and abilities – A challenge I eagerly welcomed and one which I believe has strengthened my capability to recognise a child’s individual needs. Working within the educational system continually allowed me to practise and develop my knowledge of Positive Teacher-Child Relationships. By placing my focus on a child’s strengths, I frequently witnessed a boost in their self-confidence, many times leading to the classroom’s shared success. However, I often felt as though the environment limited my deepest desire to
help. I knew that I would need to work more closely with children to exercise and maintain a positive and lasting lifestyle. Therefore, I embarked on my new journey to become a Kids Life Coach.

I believe the unconditional love and happiness our children bring into the world should be preserved and celebrated, which is why I feel incredibly privileged and honoured to be in this position. As a mother of two, I can understand the challenges families encounter throughout their lives. And I only hope that my knowledge and expertise will support me in helping your child reach their full potential to live a happier life.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact me on


+44 759020 7609

Yours sincerely,
Ellie Simmonds

My Special Interests:

• Building confidence and self-esteem
• Overcoming Anxiety
• Manifesting Emotional Intelligence

My Training

• Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
• B Ed – English Teacher
• B Sc (Honours) – Psychology
• Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching

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