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Hi, I’m Candy Fung from Bromley, Kent in England.

My parents are from Hong Kong and I was born and raised in London.  I have amazing teenage twin boys whom I raised as a single parent since they were 5 years old.

After my parents divorced when I was 9 years old, my brother and I had to learn how to be independent very quickly.  If only we had had someone like a ‘kids life coach’ to help motivate and inspire us, to give us the invaluable tools to help us make better choices back then.  Luckily, we didn’t turn out too bad… but I do imagine how much easier life could have been when dealing with friendships, exams, growing up in general and being able to deal with the many ups and downs.

I have been working as a Learning Teaching Assistant in a Primary School for over 8 years.  I have worked with children from different backgrounds, different educational needs and different abilities.  I understand their individual needs and am passionate about empowering them to become leaders of their own lives.

I believe children need to be heard. Like adults they also have a need for love and connection.  I can support them to understand how they can be the best they can be; to understand that they cannot control the outside world, but have total control over their inside world.

I empower and help children to meet and exceed their goals by having fun, whilst at the same time inspire them to maximise their potential.  I will encourage them to have faith in themselves, achieve their desires, and be happy and fulfilled at home and at school.

I will listen to them, ensure that they are leaving behind any “labels” and negative self-perceptions when they are in my presence, so I can show them how they can really be the best they can be; by making their own decisions with positive energy and enthusiasm.  I want them to believe they can achieve whatever they want in life, but first of all, like adults, they have to have self-love and self-confidence.

I believe everything happens for a reason……I am here to help make changes in children’s lives before it is too late.  Surely, prevention is better than cure? Therefore, I am going to be ‘Nurturing Minds’ during the golden ages of development (6 – 10 years old).

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My Special Interests:

Building confidence in children
Positive behaviour guidance

My Training:

Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
Happiness Life Coaching Certification

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