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Hi, my name is Bronwyn and I am the founder of The STARS Kids Life Studio

There is no greater inspiration than empowering children. The STARS Kids Life Studio is a certified global Kids Life Coach studio specializing in building self-esteem, social skills, emotional intelligence and communication skills while also addressing attention disorders and divorce recovery All with the goal of building a success mindset in every young person I work with. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and provide kids with a greater self-acceptance, self- awareness and clear understanding of their own thinking patterns. I will accomplish this by assessing children’s needs, then developing a tailor-made individualized program. What makes The STARS Kids Life Studio coaching distinctive is that children learn through constructive play. This is a unique approach to coaching that will facilitate self-development, enhance social skills, and build self-esteem through the transfer of life skills. Being proactive with coaching children and building a toolbox of skills is monumental when children are dealing with daily stresses or coping with difficult situations in their lives. In over 28 years of teaching, I have worked with extremely diverse groups of children, .and have learned that whether a child is “typical” or struggling with a learning disability, attention deficit, or lacks self-esteem they can greatly benefit from coaching. Empowering, motivating and having children realize that they can succeed in anything they attempt is paramount. I received my undergraduate degree at Bloomsburg University, where I majored in elementary education. I then went on to earn a master’s degree in education and psychology with an additional 65 credits in education and research classes revolving around children. I have also completed specialized training in social skills, conflict resolution, and cognitive and behavioral awareness among others.
I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my husband and four children. When I am not
teaching or coaching children I like to run, bike, travel or just enjoy family time. I can be reached at 267-981-2431 or

My Special Interests:

Building self-esteem, social skills, attention disorders, emotional intelligence, building a success mindset, divorce recovery and communication skills

My Training:

Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, 28 years of teaching, Bachelor’s degree in
education, Masters degree in Psychology and Education, specialized training in social skills, conflict resolution, and cognitive and behavioural awareness.

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