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Hi my name is Bhavini,
My philosophy fits in perfectly with the word Meraki [may-rah-kee]). Modern Greeks use Meraki to describe doing something with soul, creativity or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. Not only is this my business culture but it is also something that I wish for each child to possess in every aspect of their life. Your child deserves to live an inspired and motivated life, amidst all the challenges they may face on a daily basis in the outside world. I have every intention to make this possible, by putting myself into the work I do with these inspiring beings, with 100% love, creativity and soul.
For me coaching children is not about solving problems, it is about creating a space that is proac-tive by preventing mental illnesses, toxic influences and other challenges children are faced with today. I want to offer children a fully empowering supportive solution.

Love – Meraki Kids Life Studio aims to create a space where children are shown the importance of self-love and how to nurture their inner strength. My vision is to assist your child to live a motivat-ed life, by providing him/her with the necessary tools to believe in themselves and develop a growth mindset.

Creativity – Meraki Kids Life Studio uses creative visual and interactive learning methods. Kids are given the opportunity to expand their perceptions of themselves and the environment around them. This makes social interactions more positive as children are in a better position to under-stand the feelings and emotions themselves and others.

Soul – At Meraki Kids Life Studio, mindfulness plays an important role. Through mindfulness your child will learn to control of their thoughts and feelings better, manage stressful situations and have the ability to work towards desired goals.

What I love the most about coaching children is the playfulness, practical insights and learning curves children get involved with. I want to take your child outside of the school environment and into a world of inner harmoniousness. My mission is to reach as many children as possible by guid-ing, encouraging and inspiring these future influencers, through Meraki – Creativity, Love and Soul.

My Special Interests: Mindfulness

My Training: Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, B.A Psychology Honours, Registered Psycometrist, Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

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