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Hi there, my name is Beth.
I have been married to my wonderful husband for the past 15 years and we have two beautiful blessings; a daughter who is 8 and a son who is 4.
With 11 years of invaluable experience; being the Owner and Principal of a Pre-Primary school, I had the honor and privilege of working with children. I was instrumental in planting seeds in children’s minds and watching them flourish. Collaborating with my teachers and other professionals on how we could enhance and enrich the heart, body and minds of the children we taught became our ethos and our passion.
Throughout the years I would watch children come through the door wearing, what I termed as their “invisible backpacks”. In these “backpacks” where an array of feelings and emotions which they found challenging to express, and these feelings would normally be displayed in a negative manner, where the child could be labeled as a “problematic child”. I always believe that any sign of bad behavior is a sign of an unmet need, and I worked hard to help children develop a solid foundation of emotional intelligence. Children carry around “unnecessary baggage”, which weighs them down and keeps them captive for far too long, taking them a considerable amount of time, to reach their momentous potential.
As a child I found social sceneries like; school, standing up in front of a blackboard/classroom, large groups of people, public speaking, family gatherings, walking in to a restaurant or a shop etc., very awkward and terrifying, I feared judgment. I had social anxiety. I would literally be paralyzed with fear. Throughout my life I learnt to hide this very well and I also learnt coping skills along the way. Looking back; I wish I had a Kids Life Coach, what an enormous difference this would have made to my life.
My mission began years ago but was cemented when I joined the Kids Life Studio®
and I set into motion and I knew that I was going to help children who felt misunderstood, disregarded, and labeled. I coach children to find their voice; their voice that will ultimately free them. Free them to become the leaders of their own lives; making healthy choices, feeling confident, happy, inspired and motivated to face any challenge or circumstance that they may encounter with energy and enthusiasm. Their “invisible backpack” is filled with tools and a skillset that will set them up for a successful life.
I believe in each and every child and the magic of childhood and it does not matter what your child may be facing right now, this does not need to be how their story ends, this is only the beginning; once they know and are empowered to be the author, they get to write their happy ending, leaving a legacy of their own.

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My Special Interests: Social phobias, anxiety, labelling of children, low self-esteem and confidence

My Training:Kids Life Studio® Certified Coach

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