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Hi there, I am Anett.
My mission is to positively touch the lives of the young ones and empower children to realize the tremendous potential that lies within them and embrace their uniqueness and place in the world so that they can live a happy and meaningful life.
Growing up, I believed I was only worthy of love when everything I did was perfect. The pressure of always aiming to be perfect made me ambitious in every aspect of my life. I set excessively high expectations of myself in order to minimize or avoid blame, judgement and shame. But the truth was, deep down I was always anxious, because I was constantly wondering what others might think of me. Living in constant fear of making mistakes, caused me a great deal of anxiety and stress. I have since gone through years of unique and intense education and training to overcome my anxiety and perfectionism. I became a certified kids life coach to give my unconditional support to children, and to help them overcome their anxiety, perfectionist tendencies, low self-esteem and other problems which can affect the child`s success at home, school and socially.
During my coaching sessions:
– I remove children`s labelling and help them form a positive self-image
– I focus on their strengths, and help them gain greater self-esteem and confidence, so they are able to make the right decisions – even when life is challenging.
– Care for others, but stand up for themselves.
– I also give them practical toolkit of skills so they can manage emotions and behavior.
I help children succeed at home, school and in life.
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• Phone: +447523519853
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My Special Interests:

• anxiety
• perfection
• low self-esteem

My Training

• Certified Kids Life Studio® Coach
• BA Degree in Media Management
• BA Degree in Communications Specialism and Promotion
• Self Esteem Coach for young people

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