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Parenting can be a challenging time with the multitude of changes, demands and issues that children could be facing! Then when parents add their own problems to the mix and it could be a recipe for disaster!

So many parents spend all their time nurturing their children but they neglect the most important person in the relationship, themselves! When this happens, it has the potential to spill over into their children’s lives.

Children find it easy to pick up your feelings, so this can soon affect their behaviour, but not in a good way!

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This motivational programme is specifically designed to support parents in implementing the 4 Pillars for Success: Happiness, Motivation, Inspiration and Zeal.

This Equal Zeal® System Parent journal was designed by founder of The Kids Life Studio® and the Kids Life Coach Academy Zelna Lauwrens, with the aim of supporting parents to get back into sync with their own lives.

This easy to use tool offers 28 days of daily activities that will build up your emotional intelligence as a parent.

Just like regular exercise builds up healthy bodies, the Equal Zeal System® Parent programme helps to strengthen your body, heart, mind and spirit by following an easy self-development process.

Yes, we know, you’d love to go to a spa, but this is so much better as your children will benefit too. If you want to regain control over your body, heart and should then download the Equal Zeal System parent journal.

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