You Make the Joy Ride

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Then you’re up, then you’re down, then you hit a curve you didn’t see coming. You close your eyes and clinch tighter to your seat. You open your eyes again and you’re back on the smooth trail. This is much like life itself, right? There is always something happening in the outside world and we don’t have control over this. The only thing we do have control over, is our inside world – our thoughts, feelings and emotions, and this is our driving force.

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My aunt and I for the first time on the Anaconda at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South Africa.

When we start the coaching journey with children, we lay the foundation for kids knowing that there are two worlds that are always connected: your inside and outside world. If somebody says or does something on their outside world that they don’t like, and they choose to think negatively about it, they might end up throwing a tantrum, or roll on the floor, throw the nearest toy at their sibling or parent . They give in to peer pressure, they may even become the bully. From those negative thoughts, came negative feelings, resulting in negative reactions, and throughout this process stress hormones are being released. Children are literally filling themselves with toxins.
It’s like taking that turn on the rollercoaster and you’re on the wrong side, feeling as though you’re about to fall out. Your stomach turns and your palms are sweating against the pole as you try hold on tighter. Why do we do that? We know we’re safe. We just had a thought that made us picture the worst and so the feelings overwhelm us.
Start reprogramming your thoughts. I coach children to acknowledge their thoughts and change the ones that are negative. At first it can be quite challenging to control the inside world, but as soon as children understand that they get to choose how to think, and they get to choose how to feel, they start taking more responsibility for their actions and they start making positive choices.
Think about it, as soon as you are out of that turn feeling as though you’re about to fall out, you get back on the fun part of the ride and sometimes even throw your arms in the air and scream with joy. Are you not still on the same ride, the one that made you so afraid? What if you changed your thoughts during that scary part? How different would your experience be if your thoughts told you your body is strapped in, that pole is secure, enjoy the surprising turn and embrace the excitement?
Close your eyes and take the time to play out the two different scenarios. First where you’re telling yourself you’re about to fall out, and one where you acknowledge your thought but assure yourself that you are safe. What was different between those two rides? How different did your body feel? Did your facial expression change? Did you loosen your grip? This is what happens when we take control of our thoughts and feelings. We release the positive hormones and our mind and body feels lighter, more motivated, and so we respond in a healthier and more positive way.
It all starts with knowing that you control your inside world. You choose what to think and you choose what to feel. Enjoy every part of your rollercoaster. Each twist and turn is something unique and you may not be able to control it, but you can control the way you experience it.

Monique Engelbrecht
Kids Life Coach
Play Well Live Well
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